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10 world’s richest people of all time – Bill Gates is not even on the list & #7 is an African (With Pics)

World’s richest people of all time: Microsoft founder Bill Gates tops the Forbes World’s Billionaires list again with a net worth of $79.2B. Gates is followed by Mexican business telecom magnate Carlos Slim Helu who has a net worth amounting to $77.1B, trailed by American businessman Warren Buffet with a net worth of $72.7B. Their […]

Top 20 Richest Female Celebrities In Philippines 2017

Feminists claim there is still disparity between men’s and women’s income. Well, we’re not going to challenge that claim here, but we’re going to show you that this society has a place for women, too. We have scoured the internet searching for references to lead us to at least an ostensible list of the richest […]

7 Most Expensive Cars Owned By African Footballers

Football stars are paid fabulous money to play on the global stage. Earning millions of dollars each year, many choose to spend their salary on the finest cars money can buy. We are going to bring you a interesting list of most expensive cars owned by footballers of Africa. Here are 7 of the best […]


In this day and age that is 2017 your success is measured by the material things you own and not always by your professional achievements. It’s always cool to see what celebrities spend their money on and what they get up to when they’re not doing their daily jobs. This time around we’ve picked a […]

These are the 20 Most Expensive High Schools In South Africa

While South African President Jacob Zuma has ruled out any increases in university tuition fees for  2016, the same doesn’t apply for the country’s finest schools. The country’s most expensive schools have adjusted their fee structures for 2016, and are now more expensive than ever. With an annual fee of R235,960, Hilton College in Kwa-Zulu […]

This Is South Africa’s Youngest Multi-millionaire

At the age of 23, Sandile Shezi has made millions as a highly successful forex trader, and is reportedly South Africa’s youngest multi-millionaire. A video report by CCTV Africa news has placed the young entrepreneur under the spotlight, talking to Shezi about his journey and his way forward. Shezi is founder and CEO of the […]

The 16 Richest People In South Africa Right Now

Forbes has ranked the 50 richest people in Africa in 2015 – and 16 South Africans have made the list, supplanting Nigeria which dominated in 2014. According to Forbes, one-third of Africa’s richest business leaders live in South Africa, including six of Africa’s 23 billionaires. However, a tough economic market, as well as the weakness […]

The Richest And Poorest Countries in Africa

New World Wealth has released its W10 report, showing the 10 richest countries in the world. The wealth analyst also reveals the wealthiest and poorest countries in Africa per capita. NWW ranks the top 10 countries in the world by “total individual wealth” held – namely the private wealth held by all the individuals in […]

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